Borderlands 2 Torrent

Borderlands 2 Torrent

Borderlands 2 Torrent is a first-person shooter that randomly generates the firearms you discover, varying damage values, clip sizes, accuracy, and even the number of bullets they discharge at once. It’s constructed like an RPG: you progress by eliminating things, enhancing your character’s capabilities, and discovering higher-level firearms to defeat higher-level creatures and bandits on a rugged, remote planet.

That was already compelling in Borderlands 1, but here the formula’s been adjusted to an extremely captivating effect. I think I had one or two firearms I truly enjoyed in Borderlands, and the remainder were essential but unstimulating situational alternatives. In 2, I have a complete loadout of peculiar, potent, and gratifying weapons I adore, and an entire ‘alternate’ set in my backpack that I swap in and out to evaluate potency.

Borderlands 2 Torrent

Borderlands 2 Torrent is the game, and it keeps Borderlands persistently new in a way other shooters never achieve. So it’s odd that they commence with a painfully slow introductory segment that deprives the game of everything that makes it exceptional. It’s ages before the initial randomized firearm even drops, and for a long time after that, it’s all useless imprecise garbage. And although the quests subsequently become a highlight, in the initial hour, they’re an infuriating drag. You expend most of your time attempting to discern why your robot guide Claptrap has ceased trailing you and retracing your steps to disentangle his careless scripting.

It’s more crucial than most subpar introductions because you’ll probably go through it more than once. Even if you adhere to one class, you can restart the game after you finish it, taking your leveled character into a mode with new high-level adversaries and loot. And if you don’t, naturally, there are three more classes to experiment with.

Borderlands 2 Torrent

The Commando can deploy a turret, a play style that requires some forethought: you can carry out gratifying pincer movements, but it doesn’t aid your escape if you blunder. The new Siren can temporarily suspend a single adversary in the air, and her skill renews rapidly enough to be employed in every encounter. It’s remarkably cool to leap into the air to achieve a flawless shotgun critical on your levitating victim. The Gunzerker can enter a fury that enables him to use two firearms simultaneously, regenerating health and ammo as he progresses. It’s enjoyable, but the advantages he can unlock as he advances are less captivating: mostly percentage boosts to this or that.

Borderlands 2 Torrent

The central quest transports you to some impressive locations, but it’s often tainted by disproportionately resilient bosses. Perishing in a boss confrontation also reverses all the damage you’ve inflicted, squandering all that time and ammo. I once made the blunder of utilizing the nearby fast-travel station to reach a shop to replenish supplies. Turns out you can’t travel back to that particular beacon, so I had to redo the entire mission, with all adversaries revived.

Borderlands 2 Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 13 GB free
  • Video Memory: 256 MB

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