Conan Exiles Torrent

Conan Exiles Torrent

Conan Exiles Torrent is a survival game developed and published by Funcom. Conan Exiles encapsulates the atmosphere of Howard’s harsh universe immediately by portraying you as a delinquent who’s crucified and abandoned to perish beside a dilapidated thoroughfare that witnessed its prime centuries ago. Conan himself makes only a brief appearance to sever you from the deceased tree and release you into the Banished Lands before you craft your own stories of grand escapades.

Similar to numerous survival games, there is an abundance of diverse approaches to undergo this adventure. You can embark on a solo journey—though it’s somewhat monotonous in this manner—or you and a comrade can confront the adversities of the Hyborian Age together, either in a connected co-op mode or by engaging online in one of Conan Exiles’ multiple servers. Some of these servers are officially managed realms providing an equitable encounter—though the 40-player-per-server constraint has resulted in all of these essentially reaching maximum capacity since launch, compelling Funcom to pledge additional servers in the coming days and weeks.

Conan Exiles Torrent

From the instant Conan liberates you from your crucifix, Conan Exiles relinquishes you to your individual devices. Instead of a conventional tutorial, there is a journal system that encourages you to undertake various tasks to commence, such as hydrating, forging fundamental tools and weapons, and uncovering traces of civilization. These journals aren’t precisely quests in the traditional sense, but they do assist in providing early guidance as well as objectives to achieve during the journey to endure the Exiled Lands.

Rushing through the combat has its advantages, as exploring the myriad dungeons in Conan Exiles can yield tempting rewards. Blueprints for some end-game armor, weaponry, and tools can only be revealed by completing these dungeons, turning enduring some mediocre puzzles into a worthwhile endeavor. The dungeons themselves aren’t overly intricate either, with some merely comprising linear passageways to a boss chamber, but there are a few that present a genuinely formidable challenge.

Conan Exiles Torrent

Additionally, there is an outstanding “covert” narrative interwoven throughout the realm of Conan Exiles Torrent, and many of these dungeons are pivotal to uncovering more about the Banished Lands and the reason behind your entanglement with them. Lore obelisks, journals, and spectral reenactments sprinkle the world for you to uncover, and the rare non-hostile NPCs you encounter can furnish hints about where to proceed next.

There is no quest for this, in the conventional sense—I found myself jotting down notes on a notepad while playing as though it was a tangible quest journal—and I genuinely relished the experience. It deepened my immersion in what was transpiring before me, propelling me to delve deeper.

Conan Exiles Torrent

Conan Exiles Torrent is frequently sluggish and demanding, but even after 70 hours—40 since launch—the prospect of revisiting the Banished Lands still possesses a certain allure. Crafting is predominantly a wearisome grind, particularly as you ascend the crafting tiers, and it’s astonishing that in a realm centered on ruthless combat, Conan Exiles falters in that aspect. Nevertheless, the exquisitely crafted world is a delight to traverse, and it impeccably captures the ambiance of the source material.

Conan Exiles PC/System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 64 Bit
  • Processor: Intel Quad Core i5-2300
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 115 GB available space

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