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Crysis Torrent

Crysis Torrent

Crysis Torrent is one of the most amazingly beautiful games we’ve ever seen. But even beyond that, it’s a pretty fantastic shooter. Good weapons, smart enemies, and fairly open-level designs mix with nano-suit powers to make this one of the most enjoyable shooting matches in some time. The fact that developer Crytek has figured out how to create a story that doesn’t feel cheesy helped pull us into a “realistic” and exciting near-future. Voice acting is pretty good, the in-game scenes are well made to never take you out of the action, and the aliens are scary and dangerous, unlike the cheesy Trigens of Far Cry.

The amount of freedom in the level design, in terms of where you can go, is pretty similar to Far Cry’s. While the game is quite linear for the sake of the story, it’s not just a narrow shooter. There’s a lot of room for different tactics and approaches to defeating enemies and the route you take through a level. If you want to simply steal a boat and sail across a lagoon to the other side, feel free, but you can also move around the edge near the road, climb up higher into the jungle, or sneak along the shore. Several extra goals also aren’t necessary for success but will give you small advantages.

Crysis Torrent

The human AI in Crysis isn’t perfect, but it’s very good. The occasional grouping of human enemies does happen, but you’ll also see patrols trying their best to surround you and stay spread out while they hunt you down. They aren’t scared by the fact that you have super speed and strength even if it gives you an advantage. They’ll still come after you guns blazing, calling for their friends the whole time.

Alien AI is a different story. The aliens themselves are very fast and use their environment to circle and attack you from behind, which can be confusing and scary in the zero-gravity confines of their alien ship. Outside of the ship, you’ll fight mostly alien machines. The AI here isn’t as impressive, but the fights are still fun since these machines are fast and can take a lot of hits. They’ll switch between different close-range attacks, jumping into the air and launching themselves at you, and shooting from a distance.

The combination can make the battle pretty intense when a group of four machines are all using different tactics. By the end of the game, you’ll be fighting your way through these machines with the help of friendly AI as things get chaotic. You won’t find the friendly AI to be as useful as they are in Call of Duty 4, but it’s not about being part of an army in Crysis; it’s about being the army.

Crysis Torrent

Crysis Torrent Magnet is another success for Crytek and another one of those games that’s more than just its parts. They’ve created some amazing technology that’s adaptable enough that many gamers will be able to play it on some setting, even if it isn’t the best, and have a good amount of fun. Those who have computers to run the game at DX9 on high will find that the amazing visuals enhance the immersion and enjoyment Crysis can provide. This is some fast, well-made gameplay with enough options to allow players to use their style of attack with satisfying suit abilities and weapons. Crytek has improved their attention to detail in presentation and removed the worst parts of Far Cry’s story.

Crysis Torrent

Crysis Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: 12GB

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