F.A.Q – CroTorrents

Question 1. Is crotorrents Safe to Download Games? 

Answer. Yes, We are safe, this website is totally safe for downloading PC Games, We checked all torrent files before uploading and made sure working 100%.

Question 2. If there are no viruses in torrent files, then why did my anti-virus pick up a trojan?

Answer. Antivirus programs are very smart to find and remove cracks that help you to play games for free.  When your antivirus says something or threat it does not mean that a mistake.

Question 3. I just tried clicking “Download Torrent File” but nothing opened up for Download.?

Answer. If clicking on “Download Torrent File” doesn’t do anything for downloading, then first, check that uTorrent is open. If it’s not, try a different web browser or install a different program for downloading torrents like qBittorrent. You can get uTorrent or qBittorrent here: Torrents Setup Download

Question 4. Why my files are corrupted and/or missing after I downloaded the game?

Answer. It’s a problem so here is a solution, Guys, After you download the game, right-click the game file and choose “Force Re-Check.” This will look for missing parts. If that is doesn’t worked, it’s likely your antivirus deleted the game files. You need to Turn off your antivirus and Re-download the game. Thanks

Question 5. Why can’t I leave comments on crotorrents.site anymore?

Answer. You probably got banned because you were sharing links or promoting your own stuff on this site. That’s not allowed on the www.Crotorrents.site.

Question 6. How do I request for new or my favorite game?

Answer. To ask for New Games or your favorite Games, please go to the “Request Games” page and leave a comment.

Question 7. I’m having trouble with my game. How can I contact you?

Answer. Guys to solve the common issues/problems, you can look at the “Troubleshooting Page“. Let me tell you that, turn off your antivirus, update all kinds of drivers, and Force re-check for download before asking us for help. sometimes your download might be broken for some reason, so always force a re-check to make sure you have all parts of the game.

Question 7. How can I get in touch with you to discuss advertising opportunities?

Answer. Guys, You can Discuss business from the “Contact Us” Page.

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