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Fae Farm Torrent


Hello Crotorrents Users, welcome to the realm of Fae Farm Torrent the place where magical adventures await, Hey Crotorrent Users, Do you remember that yearning from your childhood to escape into a world filled with wonder and tales of far-off lands? Well, get ready because Fae Farm, which was just released this September transports you into such a captivating realm! Trust me when I say that I’ve been fully immersed in pixie dust and enjoying pumpkin soup for weeks now – it’s a delight.

Fae Farm Torrent


Picture yourself stumbling upon a valley nestled among whispering willow trees and shimmering waterfalls. This is Glowbrook, your home in Fae Farm PC Torrent Download. As a weary city dweller of blaring car horns and endless bills, you inherit this farmhouse from a distant relative; Lumina, a mischievous Sprite.

Fae Farm Screenshot 1

With her twinkling guidance and the friendship of talking frogs and chatty mushrooms, you’ll gradually rebuild the farm one seed at a time. However, Glowbrook is much more, than carrots and sunshine. It pulsates with magic protected by playful Fae folk. Unravel their secrets learn their ways and who knows – maybe you’ll even discover a sprinkle of fairy dust within your heart.


Imagine a farming simulator. With a touch of stardust! You’ll work the land to plant enchanted seeds that grow vegetables and even make friends, with creatures, like fluffy Lumplings and playful Will o’ the Wisps. They will help you in gathering substances riding away gremlins and bringing a contact of pleasure to your day.

Fae Farm Screenshot 2

Battles? Indeed some beings don’t fancy your dazzling pumpkin patch, but fear not! Wield a watering can like a magic wand, fling enchanted seeds like confetti, and whoop those critters with a jiggle of your dancing shoes! (Yes, you read that right, dancing shoes!)

Fae Farm PC Torrent is more than about conquering. It’s a vicinity the place neighborhood thrives. Get to understand your neighbors every with their captivating stories and special talents. Assist the gnome in rebuilding his clockwork contraption bake delicious pies, alongside the cheerful witch, and join the whimsical tea parties hosted by the Fae Queen. Remember, in Glowbrook kindness holds its magic too!

Graphics & Sounds

Imagine a world painted with watercolors. Glowing mushrooms light up your path while fireflies gracefully dance among blooming flowers. Each daybreak transforms the sky into a show of colors. Fae Farm is a feast a tapestry woven with love and enchantment.

Fae Farm Screenshot 3

Let’s not forget about the music! Soft melodies reminiscent of wind chimes swaying in the breeze are accompanied by the chirping of Dumplings and the rhythmic beat of your dancing shoes. It’s a soundtrack that embraces you like an embrace unveiling secrets of a world where magic resonates within every blade of grass.


Fae Farm Torrent Download goes past every other game; it gives a break out presenting your soul with a breath of air. It allows you to rediscover the magic in matters discover pleasure in nurturing splendor and boom and trip the transformative energy of friendship and kindness.

If you long for a world filled with awe and amazement where wise counsel is given by talking frogs and where enemies are defeated by dancing shoes then enter the enchanting realm of Glowbrook. Fae Farm eagerly awaits your arrival ready to infuse your heart with its charm. Believe me, this experience is more, than a game; it’s like coming home.
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Fae Farm Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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