Furi Torrent

Furi Torrent

Furi Torrent is an action game developed and published by The Game Bakers. Even though Furi features the Outsider, a futuristic swordsman, breaking free from a cosmic prison with the help of an all-present furious individual dressed as a violet bunny, I never felt like I was engaging in an absurd game. Furi counters its preposterous premise, demanding combat, vibrant neon synth tunes, and an intense color scheme with a surprising amount of self-control.

It’s simply a sequence of aerial bullet hell, slash-and-hack boss confrontations that aren’t boundless anime power escalations but rather equitable and challenging one-on-one engagements. You possess the same potency from the outset to the conclusion—only your expertise evolves. However, mastering the game can be a considerable trial of endurance. Uncommon glitches and a few inadequately signaled boss stages will be Furi’s vulnerability for some, no matter how contemplative and gratifying the combat proves to be.

Furi Torrent

From the initial moment, you can slice, deflect, fire, and dart, and holding down each command’s button enhances that action, amplifying their potency at the expense of reduced movement speed. It’s an entertaining combat system that applauds daring maneuvers and promotes close examination of the opponent’s assault for precise timing. The music serves as a delightful accompaniment to all the effort I invest, an evocative, synth-laden soundtrack that conveys fascination and enthusiasm in the manner of John Carpenter.

Every adversary is a variation of comparable trials that evaluate your mastery of these commands and encompass multiple stages, delineated by depleting a segment of the boss’s health gauge. The first phase will invariably be the simplest, acquainting you with the boss’s combat inclination—some concentrate on bullet hell barrages, others on swordplay, stealth, and so forth.

Furi Torrent

To commence, adversaries unleash a few fundamental assaults that foreshadow what’s to follow—wear them down sufficiently, and you’ll generally engage in a brief close-quarter bout before the succeeding phase initiates properly. These confine the two opponents to a small circumference where the emphasis shifts from evading bullets to more intricate combinations of close combat parries and swift area-of-effect attacks. The route to success involves playing defensively, anticipating the enemy’s onslaught, interpreting it within an instant, and retaliating: a fleeting glimmer of an imminent close-quarter strike can be parried, AoE attacks necessitate a series of rapid evasions around crimson indicators, and occasionally it’s a perilous fusion of the two (and more).

After memorizing a boss’s assault signals, Furi Torrent transforms into a contemplative game, where I concentrate entirely on the action and react in what feels like an otherworldly manner—a nearly flawless emulation of the protagonist’s mindset.

Furi Torrent

In the most challenging battle of the game for me, a barrier materialized beneath my character, trapping him and resulting in his demise. It marked my best attempt at the boss after an hour of trying, so I felt like liquefying and dissipating into the atmosphere. Throughout my seven hours of play, it was the sole significant glitch I encountered, but in a game reliant on precision, such a minor misstep can knock the wind out of you. When I eventually reached the ultimate stage, an onslaught of unforeseen laser beams and bullet barriers swooped in from every angle. It’s a combination of assaults not foreshadowed in the boss’s preceding phases and an unsatisfactory final ‘trial.’ Having to restart the entire skirmish numerous times in an attempt to decipher the final stage nearly shattered me.

Furi Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8,10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 650
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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