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Halls of Torment Torrent

Halls of Torment Torrent

The thing about Halls of Torment Torrent is that it’s an indie roguelite action RPG that throws you into a survival experience against hordes. It was developed by Chasing Carrots and has an amazing pixel art style that reminds one of the late 90s RPGs, while putting you inside a nightmarish underworld. This article will discuss in detail gameplay, storyline, game modes, graphics, and sound design, and will conclude what Halls of Torment brings to the table.


In Halls of Torment, players take the role of a valiant warrior who goes to the Halls of Torment themselves. Each playthrough involves fighting through waves upon waves of monsters in varying underground locations. The game’s loop consists of character growth, permanent unlock and strategic combat. By killing enemies you get experience points and coins which are needed for improving your abilities and acquiring better gear for your hero.

To stay alive, you must master your chosen hero’s unique skills as well as use the environment effectively while playing the game. Movement speed is key to dodging enemy attacks; moreover, consumable potions can turn fights around when used strategically. In addition, after each run new items may be obtained increasing character-build variety.

Halls of Torment Torrent


Halls of Torment Torrent story isn’t very complicated but it sets up a world where tormented souls are incarcerated within its premises. This awful fantasy world is full of pain and suffering where tortured souls are being held captive. Customers have been reviewed You become a champion who descends into this abyss fighting grotesque dwellers who are ruled over by mighty lords down there in darkness.

The stories are revealed through certain things in their surroundings alongside brief interactions between characters. The presence of scattered lore pieces throughout the game adds another layer to it.

Game Modes

Fundamentally speaking….Halls Of Torment has only one main mode: roguelike experience. Each time players start a new game it starts from scratch and you will be placed randomly into another maze. Although there isn’t a conventional sense of different modes, the game grants diversity through character selection as well as unlockable content. This is because of heroes with unique abilities and playstyles that have to be unlocked for players to keep on playing.

The beauty of this roguelite genre is that even dying leads to progress.  In other words, the more times one plays, the more benefit he can derive from permanent unlocks like new character traits or items which eventually help him reach deeper layers of Halls.

Halls of Torment Torrent

Graphics and Sound

Halls Of Torment has chosen an art style that pays homage to old RPGs through pixel aesthetics. The levels are suitably grim and menacing while the characters and enemies are intricately designed. Take note that spell effects as well as enemy attacks make combat visually interesting.

Furthermore, its sound design complements what’s shown visually with a tense music score and strong combat sounds for instance.


A roguelite game that is captivating in the Halls of Torment Torrent and has a good mixture of challenging gameplay, character advancement, and reward mechanics. This gives the players a unique atmosphere with its pixel art style and dark fantasy setting which can be unlocked as you get more engaged. However, for some, the single-core mode might not have high replayability but this game builds on that base for fans who want to engage in an exciting plunge into hopelessness through a roguelite.

Halls of Torment Torrent

Halls of Torment Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 4 Cores / 2.5 GHz+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe / Nvidia GTX 970
  • Storage: 4 GB

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