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Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent is a game where you can collect, train, and use creatures to fight in strategic battles. It is an Early Access title on Steam that offers players a rich experience combining creature collecting, elements of roguelike, and fun auto-battler mechanics.


Kādomon gets its inspiration from popular monster-catching franchises but has the fast-paced strategy of an auto-battler. You will have a team of adorable yet powerful Kādomon, each having unique abilities and the elemental type. The game involves Kādomon acquisition, building teams strategically, and watching automated fights between them.

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent


Although Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent Magnet focuses more on strategic monster capturing and fighting it does offer a light story. You embark on a journey to become a skilled Kadomite, a trainer who masters the art of capturing and evolving these fascinating creatures. These paths will lead you through various opponents until you learn all about your rivals in this world of Kādomons and end up with some challenging bosses to beat at last.

Game Modes

In Early Access there is already such an interesting mode as roguelike which would be appreciated by those who think about replayability first. In every run you are involved in several procedurally generated fights where you can obtain new characters upgrade your party members or even find new items for fighting. And so the ultimate target here is defeating stronger foes step-by-step.

For players seeking something more structured, future updates promise additional game modes including possibly even a story campaign. The developers are actively incorporating player feedback into their work, so one may expect bright days ahead for Kādomon’s gameplay.

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent

Graphics and Sound

Kādomon has cute-looking creatures due to its vibrant art style full of colors. Each creature looks excellent thanks to its cute but weird design tendencies. The battles are very dynamic with cool special moves performed by your group members making the game truly addictive.

Sound effects blend perfectly with the visuals. The fights are accompanied by interesting soundtracks and every Kādomon has its own powers’ sounds that create an atmosphere of a real battlefield.


Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent is a tactically appealing title for both collectors of monsters and fans of auto-battler games. With Early Access, there’s not much to say about it other than the game is good to go with lots of content waiting for you. Kādomon keeps players engaged in a gameplay loop that’s hard to resist, especially when they know it can only get better from here. If you’re after strategy combined with cuteness in your creatures plus auto-battler thrills, then Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers should win it all!

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent

Kādomon Hyper Auto Battlers Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512 MB)
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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