NieR Automata Torrent

NieR Automata Torrent

NieR Automata Torrent is an action game developed and published by Square Enix. The dystopian realm of Nier: Automata thrives on its enigmas. Its devastated Earth backdrop is a playground of chaos where trendy androids wreak havoc on less sophisticated-looking robots. Its premise of an unending conflict is initially simple. Yet, if you’re familiar with the game’s director, Yoko Taro, then anticipate the unforeseen.

This encompasses everything from an unconventional soundtrack imbued with vocals to a battle-hardened heroine who strolls with the confidence of a supermodel. Automata also presents a finely executed and polished combat system, the caliber of which alone justifies the price of admission.

Initially, you perceive NieR Automata Torrent from the viewpoint of a female android named 2B, a member of YoRHa, a collective of artificial soldiers assigned to eradicate Earth’s hostile robots and their extraterrestrial creators. This struggle gains added poignancy due to humanity’s relocation to the moon, a migration that transpired centuries ago.

NieR Automata Torrent

Accompanying 2B on most missions is 9S, a male android who lacks 2B’s dual weapon proficiency but compensates with invaluable hacking skills. They begin as strangers, but through surmounting obstacles, an evident closeness begins to develop. This is attributable in part to Automata’s sensational anime-inspired archetypes and narrative twists.

Considering Earth is completely overrun with murderous machines, making it habitable seems like a formidable task. However, this challenge is eased by the manageable scale of Automata’s open world, equivalent to a small city. It beckons exploration without seeming overwhelming, and once you’ve traversed the same paths a couple of times, getting lost becomes unlikely.

Much of the backtracking results from the game’s numerous side quests, involving aiding fellow androids in simple errands and assassination missions. While most of these tasks lack memorability, they contribute character to the world. Moreover, monotony is mitigated by the convenience of fast travel and swift mounts like moose and boars.

NieR Automata Torrent

Victory in every encounter demands the use of tools and techniques beyond the two primary attack inputs. Your pod companion—reminiscent of Grimoire Weiss, the levitating book from the first Nier—offers various forms of support. Not only does the pod furnish a sustained ranged attack, but it also serves as another avenue for personalizing your combat approach.

You can interchange a wide array of passive performance-enhancing chips, supplying stat buffs and useful automated commands. Relying on your pod to automatically deploy one of your health items when your HP dips below a certain threshold streamlines the healing process. Your pod enables you to focus on other survival concerns, such as excelling in combat and looking impressive in the process.

Taro’s unconventional approach to game design is epitomized by NieR Automata Torrent’s multiple conclusions and the varying depths of substance in those outcomes. He doesn’t shy away from novelty or comedic endings, though the true rewards lie in the five major conclusions and the diverse journeys leading to each one. The complete picture only unfolds when you reach those five conclusions.

NieR Automata Torrent

As you tread down these diverse paths, you’re not only introduced to new occurrences but also provided with fresh perspectives on moments you’ve previously encountered. Your advancement isn’t driven solely by the compulsion to achieve 100% completion; rather, you’re drawn by curiosity to uncover more about Earth and humanity’s fate.

NieR Automata Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 /8/10/11 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 GB available space

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