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Portal Revolution Torrent

Portal Revolution Torrent

Portal Revolution Torrent is an eight-hour fan-created Portal 2 pre-story, with 40 fresh test chambers, spoken characters, and different puzzle tricks. It looks very cool, and it’s available now, with a preview below. Revolution happens between Portal 1 and 2. GLaDOS has been wiped out, tossing the Aperture Science Labs into confusion, and you – an unnamed trial subject – and a personality sphere named Stirling strive to find a “mighty tool able to restore Aperture to its previous glory.”

Even though it’s set before Portal 2, the game uses Portal 2’s tricks, including all its paint gels to make surfaces slippery or bouncy. It also introduces some new concepts of its own, like a new laser cube type and a “gel cleaning area” – which likely removes gels from objects you’re carrying when they go through, which I believe can be seen in the above trailer. It also utilizes Pneumatic Diversity Vents, which were transportation tubes originally thought up by Valve but removed from Portal 2 before it came out.

Portal Revolution Torrent

Portal Revolution Torrent Magnet is an enchanting new alteration for the classic game Portal 2, blending captivating puzzles and storytelling to offer a unique gaming adventure. This fan-created forerunner bridges the gap between Portal and Portal 2, offering a gripping tale where players take on the role of an unnamed trial subject. Accompanied by a personality sphere named Stirling, the player’s task is to restore the Aperture Science Labs to their previous glory following the demise of GladOS, which threw the labs into turmoil. Devotees of the Portal series have warmly embraced the new Portal Revolution game, showering it with shining reviews that showcase its inventive gameplay and engaging story.

Portal Revolution Torrent

To play Portal: Revolution, you need to possess Portal 2. The alteration is up for free download on Steam and begins with an opening chapter titled “The Human Resource.” The game employs a tweaked version of the Portal 2 Community Engine, enabling the developers, Second Face Software, to introduce these new elements and boost overall gameplay.

While the game is mainly tailored for those who relish solving puzzles, it also caters to those in search of a deeper gaming experience with its fully-spoken characters and intricate storyline. Aficionados of Portal 2, especially its cooperative mode, will find Portal: Revolution a compelling incentive to revisit the Portal universe.

Portal Revolution Torrent

Portal Revolution Torrent Without Steam serves as a glowing illustration of the creativity and enthusiasm of the Portal community. This alteration not only pays homage to the essence of the original games but also stretches the limits of what fan-created content can accomplish. With its engaging gameplay, elaborate puzzles, and enhanced story components, Portal: Revolution is a must-try for the fans of the Portal series.

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Portal Revolution Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel i3-8300
  • Memory:¬†8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
  • DirectX:¬†Version 11
  • Storage:¬†12 GB available space

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