Rising Lords Torrent

Rising Lords Torrent

Rising Lords Torrent is a strategy game developed by Argonwood and published by Deck13. Rising Lords is a revolve-oriented medieval strategy game that merely wouldn’t exist in the upper tiers of the industry. An intriguing fusion of overworld administration and grid-based tactical maneuvering, it exudes the aura of a monarch-in-waiting. Despite its enchanting visuals and inventive twist on the turn-based strategy genre, it never truly attains the noble title its pledge implies. Hoist your emblems and assemble the forces, a conflict of blades awaits, and this realm won’t consolidate itself.

Rising Lords was revealed in the pre-Covid era, approximately five years ago. That’s a substantial duration, so witnessing this enthusiastic endeavor ultimately come to a realization is remarkable. The game is segmented into a handful of modes: narrative campaign, situations (skirmish), trial, and multiplayer. It seems prudent to commence with the narrative; every commendable tale requires an impressive inception, correct?

Rising Lords Torrent

Well, Rising Lords Torrent commences as is reasonably anticipated for the medieval backdrop. You embody a youthful noble, thrust into the challenging and anticipant role of the head of your lineage. Following a brief tutorial where the leadership of your family is overturned, it’s time for you to assume the responsibility of supreme commander. There’s little in the narrative expertise that truly distinguishes the story, but it’s proficient if not extraordinary.

Terrains are composed of grids, each of which can have structures constructed atop them. Serfs must be designated to plots to generate resources, which transpire automatically at every turn. Each turn introduces a new season, instigating dynamic incidents. For instance, winter will repel segments of your populace, restricting your workforce count.

As you embark on a story section or a scenario, you’ll confront the elements to manage resources such as food, weaponry, and popularity. Once you establish yourself, it becomes simpler to settle into a secure position as you survey the landscape for more dominion. However, after a few turns, you’ll abruptly realize that the strategy is all a tad insubstantial.

Rising Lords Torrent

Dynamic events scarcely do anything aside from augmenting or diminishing incomes. Serfs automatically yield resources with no involvement other than an allotment, and as long as you sustain your population, it’s remarkably straightforward to keep things progressing. The only obstacles I encountered were when the narrative arbitrarily made things demanding, usually by imposing excessively strict turn limits or stripping away armies between chapters.

Situations and trial maps eliminate that element. Since you’re free to work steadily at your tempo, things feel less constrictive. Nevertheless, this brings about the predicament of the superficial nature of the administration gameplay having to be extended far beyond its capabilities. There’s a balance to be achieved, and in the optimal position, it will be as defining as a Hastings arrow finding its mark. But that equilibrium just hasn’t been achieved yet.

Rising Lords Torrent

Revolve-grounded combat follows a comparable sequence of highs and lows. You deploy units, and the adversary deploys theirs. There’s a fundamental rock-paper-scissors system concerning which units are potent against others. Then you need to consider terrain type, morale, structures, pathing, and employing cards for various enhancements and detriments. On the exterior, there’s a tier of tactical decision-making that is captivating.

Rising Lords Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: WIndows XP/7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 2,27 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB shared RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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