ROUNDS Torrent

ROUNDS Torrent

ROUNDS Torrent is a 1v1 rogue-lite competitive party game where each round the defeated player is granted a customizable enhancement from a randomly selected card pack. You can opt to focus on a particular build or attempt to counter your adversary’s setup. Armed solely with a firearm and a shield, these enhancements can completely transform your playing approach, ranging from firing a singular, enormous homing projectile to launching bullets that pierce through walls or adopting shield-centric builds enabling swift movement around the map while unleashing area-of-effect damage bursts.

Making judicious choices with your card selections is the key to achieving victory, although sheer skill can still carry you through the most demanding rounds. The abundance of amusement to be experienced with friends also establishes it as an exceptional party game, whether you engage in online play, local matches, or utilize their Twitch matchmaking feature.

ROUNDS Torrent

While it may not be the initial competitive rogue-lite game, it stands out as one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve encountered. People often associate chance-based loot and luck with non-competitiveness, but in this context, as a lighthearted party game, it meshes seamlessly. The anticipation of discovering your next upgrade and devising unconventional builds adds a brilliant dimension, and you may even find yourself rooting for your friends as they create a build that wreaks havoc on the screen. Additionally, you can personalize your characters’ facial expressions and equip them with amusing accessories, adding a hilarious touch when engaging in friendly combat.

ROUNDS Torrent can present formidable challenges due to factors such as bullet drop, shield mechanics, map physics, and a Super Smash Bros-esque ambiance. Bullet drop is influenced by bullet speed, turning you into either an explosive lobbing cannon, a highly precise marksman, or bestowing upon you a homing shot with unpredictable bounces. However, exercise caution: your own projectiles can inadvertently harm you.

ROUNDS Torrent

The shield can serve defensively, functioning like a parry and deflecting your opponent’s bullets back at them. Alternatively, you can transform into a walking bomb, causing devastation to your surroundings. Out-of-bounds mechanics mean that touching the screen edge inflicts substantial damage and propels you away from the point of contact. Timed correctly, these can be blocked, leading to amusing moments when you have a brief block cooldown and bounce along the bottom of the map.

The maps offer an absolute thrill with diverse layouts and unpredictable physics. Boxes have the potential to crush you upon impact or be hurled at you. Some maps feature sections suspended by delicate wires that can be destroyed, causing parts of the map to collapse – a particularly entertaining spectacle when opponents are standing on them. The only drawback I encountered with this game was its limited player count, as I had hoped for the ability to play with a larger group of friends. This disappointment was alleviated when I discovered the game’s modding community.

ROUNDS Torrent

The modding scene includes a modification enabling 4-player free-for-all and 2v2 team deathmatch, a revelation that genuinely astonished me. Increasing the player count to 4 elevated the chaos, resulting in complete pandemonium by the end of matches. Furthermore, playing with a mod that extended the round duration allowed for utterly outrageous builds, sometimes almost tearing the map apart in an instant. Other mods introduce additional cards and maps, introducing laser beams and mysterious powers to the game.

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ROUNDS Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: 2.5
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 800 MB available space

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