The Cub Torrent

The Cub Torrent

The Cub Torrent is a puzzle game developed by Demagog Studios and published by Untold Tales. The Cub is a superb sidescroller located in the identical universe as Golf Club: Wasteland by developers Demagog Studio and publisher Untold Tales, debuting on January 19. Initially revealed in early 2022 and employing the same neon-lit post-apocalyptic world, The Cub embraces the concept and locales from the first game while altering the perspective of gameplay, putting us in command of a boy who has been raised on Earth by a pack of wolves. Radio Nostalgia from Mars returns once again, offering us music that establishes the atmosphere perfectly and interweaves with anecdotes of survivors of life on Mars.

Following the Great Ecological Catastrophe on Earth, the ultrawealthy escape to Mars, abandoning the remainder to perish. Decades elapse, and those on Mars return to Earth for reconnaissance. Among those left behind on Earth is a small child, The Cub, who developed immunity to the remnants of the hostile planet. Upon spotting this child, they immediately attempt to apprehend him. This initiates a journey of evasion, exploration, and revelation through the urban remnants of humanity, accompanied by frenzied pursuit and evasion scenarios.

The Cub Torrent

If you’ve experienced Golf Club: Wasteland before, you’ll be acquainted with the backdrop. It’s nearly the same routes that the golfer traversed when attempting to navigate through segments of the world. Structures and landmarks that were mostly in the background in Golf Club: Wasteland are now an essential component of the level design that the Cub traverses, leaps, and ascends. Not only must you master the distances of jumps and double jumps, but you’ll also need to evade creatures like crocodiles and spiky entities that will discharge their spines at you if you get too close.

You will meet your demise frequently in this game. Indeed, I earned an accomplishment early on for perishing in ten distinct ways—from impalement on spikes to electrocution, from capture by henchmen in space suits to plunging to my demise due to a mistimed leap. You can swing from tree vines and dangling chains, propel yourself upward from tree branches, ascend ladders, and even shove crates to gain extra elevation to leap up and advance to the subsequent area.

The Cub Torrent

Setting aside the demanding moments, I thoroughly enjoyed the musical compositions played through Radio Nostalgia from Mars. The narratives of survivors were as compelling as those we encountered in Golf Club: Wasteland. Each track was exceptional, and it wasn’t about aligning with the setting of the levels I was currently in; the melodies just established such an incredible ambiance that sometimes I didn’t mind meeting my demise so frequently as long as the tunes persisted. The music unquestionably stands out as the pinnacle of the game for me.

The Cub Torrent

In summary, The Cub Torrent is an outstanding side-scrolling adventure following the events of Golf Club: Wasteland, utilizing the same backdrop, accompanied by more remarkable melodies from Radio Nostalgia from Mars. The general side-scrolling experience is commendable, with some exasperating sequences demanding precise timing, but the checkpoints are frequent enough to prevent significant setbacks. The narratives are riveting, and the melodies are so captivating that revisiting this environment was a pleasure once again.

The Cub Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Quad Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
  • Storage: 11 GB available space

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