Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent (TABS) is the ideal game to evaluate during an especially intense phase of parenthood-induced sleep deprivation. It demands minimal concentration and caters perfectly to a condensed attention span, yet this produces an enormous amount of variety, spectacle, and humor. Essentially, you gain a lot more than what you invest, and at present, that positions TABS as my ultimate companion in the entire universe.

The concept revolves around the classic tavern inquiry of “Who would emerge victorious in a confrontation between X and Y?” However, instead of delving into one-on-one hypothetical scenarios, such as Batman versus Bruce Lee, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator broadens its scope to historical and mythical armies. You can pit cave dwellers against medieval knights, samurai against Greek hoplites, and Renaissance musketeers against farmers.


In contrast to the local pub bore expounding on why Richard the Lionheart would unquestionably overcome a World War 1 Tank (which he wouldn’t), Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent refrains from taking its patently absurd question seriously. Irrespective of their historical era or mythological origin, every combatant in TABS is portrayed as a wide-eyed, flaccid-limbed mannequin that, depending on its allegiance, is tinted either red or blue. There is also no effort to replicate genuine battle strategies or combat tactics. Instead, every sword swing and cannon shot is propelled by the game’s exceedingly elastic physics engine.

The outcome is essentially a procedural comedy generator. Depending on whether you’re engaged in the campaign or sandbox mode, you organize either your army or both armies as you see fit. Nevertheless, the result remains identical—a ludicrous fiasco. Merely observing two solitary adversaries engage in combat is comical. They flounder about like inebriated toddlers armed with pool noodles, frequently missing each other entirely and collapsing with a damp slap. On a grander scale, bodies often soar like meaty confetti, be it from a particularly forceful blow or artillery weapons like cannons or boulders.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent is inherently entertaining, yet it doesn’t solely rely on those amusing laurels. Substantial effort has been invested to make it both humorous and a legitimate game, complete with sufficient structure and strategy to sustain your interest. On the comedic front, this involves the developer, Landfall, purposefully amplifying the absurdity. Your armies don’t engage in silent combat—they grunt, squeal, jabber, and honk at each other as if they’ve all stumbled into an episode of Pingu. Several delightful visual nuances exist as well, such as the goggle eyes transforming into black crosses when units meet their demise.

Above all, the humor emanates from the units themselves. While most armies include the anticipated essentials of a fighting force (cavemen wielding clubs and spear-throwers, medieval armies with squires, archers, and knights), they also boast more diverse units. Renaissance forces, for instance, feature balloon archers who affix inflatable hydrogen balloons to their arrows, pulling struck enemies into the sky before exploding and plummeting them to the ground.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent

The Dynasty faction, on the other hand, showcases Ninjas capable of rapidly throwing shurikens, accompanied by a ballista-type artillery weapon unleashing a massive volley of arrows. A couple of factions are preposterous from the ground up—the farmers’ ranks comprise halflings and potion sellers hurling bottles, while pirates feature barrel-clad blunderbuss wielders often toppled by the recoil of their own weapons.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

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