UNDERDOGS Torrent is a roguelike, arena-battle game set in a dystopian future not too far off. The narrative follows a duo of siblings evading a pervasive AI overlord with only one alternative remaining: make their way towards New Brakka, the last human-run city. Upon arrival, entry into the city is exclusively granted through subterranean mech combat arenas. It’s immediately evident how much attention has been dedicated to crafting a consistent and believable alternate future for players to explore.

The storytelling unfolds through chic comic strips, adorned with bursts of fantastic artwork interspersed amid the intense action. Although the plot is relatively light, it precisely delves as deeply as necessary. The chic visual aesthetic, combined with an exceptional score and well-executed voice acting, swiftly engrosses players in the daring struggle for survival by the dynamic duo.


UNDERDOGS Torrent Magnet’s fundamental structure guides players through a series of compact arena clashes, pitting them against an assortment of mechanized foes before ultimately confronting an arena champion. Between these encounters, players are presented with a variety of choices to better prepare for the subsequent skirmish.

These segments present a random sequence of activities, such as procuring components and repairs, addressing elements of the upcoming battle for an advantage. A substantial number of options unlock progressively, many of which introduce an element of unpredictability that can potentially sway the outcome negatively. It’s a well-conceived concept that injects a sense of peril into this world, aligning perfectly with the overall tone and character.


Gamers will engage in combat across two unique arenas, each harboring its environmental hazards and escalating waves of adversaries. Following the triumph over the second arena, the game format unexpectedly shifts gears, cleverly injecting variety into the gameplay while remaining faithful to the established loop. From seemingly inconsequential robotic ‘insects’ to colossal armored monstrosities, UNDERDOGS offers a diverse array of adversary types, promising riveting, visceral chaos.

Initiating each battle involves calibrating your Rilla, seizing the controls embedded in the cockpit, and activating the mech’s colossal mechanical appendages. These replicate your movements within the cockpit, and describing the experience as satisfying would be an understatement. Employing an arm-driven movement system akin to Gorilla Tag, coupled with a physics-based approach to melee combat, UNDERDOGS delivers an adrenaline-charged experience that rivals anything else in VR. At its core is a control mechanism so effortlessly intuitive that it becomes second nature within minutes.


Battles unfold as frenetic gladiatorial spectacles, with adversaries unleashed from all directions within the arena. Survival demands a keen understanding of when to engage and when to retreat, prioritizing specific foes within the horde. Mastering the timing required to dispatch a scrap automaton mid-air or halt it in its tracks with a pinpoint headshot is not just vital but also the game’s most gratifying element.

UNDERDOGS Torrent provides an exceptional journey from beginning to end, leaving players longing for more. Amidst the polished presentation, captivating core gameplay, and progressive systems, One Hamsa has delivered an arena brawler that achieves a sense of novelty and excitement at every turn.

UNDERDOGS Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Core i5 10th generation
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX-1060
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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