We Were Here Too Torrent

We Were Here Too Torrent

We Were Here Too Torrent is a puzzle game developed and published by Total Mayhem Games. We Were Here Too presents an internet co-op enigma experience where a duo must collaborate to break free from a perplexity-laden fortress. However, the twist lies in the geographical separation of the players, compelling them to utilize radio communication to dispense the essential clues required to unravel each puzzle obstructing their path.

The concept remains consistent here, although improvements have been implemented in the aesthetics and balancing of puzzles among players. Functioning from a first-person viewpoint, both you and a companion must navigate your way through various chambers in a deserted medieval fortress. The two of you are mostly physically separated, with the walkie-talkie in your character’s hand serving as the sole means of communication. You can either team up with a random individual online through a matchmaking function or someone from your Steam friends list who also possesses the game.

We Were Here Too Torrent

Following a brief introductory cutscene, during which the protagonists trail a flare signal through the snow into the fortress, you each discover yourselves confined in distinct chambers. One is replete with coffins featuring symbols above them, while the other contains a rotating mechanism encircled by candles. You are left to your own devices immediately, utilizing the WASD keys for movement and the mouse for observation and interaction. No instructions are dispensed, making exploration one of the game’s delights, although, of course, you understand the primary objective.

The immediate challenge is dual-fold: discerning what actions are required and then executing the resolution. Since you lack awareness of what your partner is witnessing, it’s always optimal to commence by elucidating everything within your purview. A simple button press activates your walkie-talkie, where only one person can speak at a time, with a red light signaling live transmission. You swiftly discern environmental cues to attend to and realize that some of your actions influence the other individual, such as a lever opening a door or halting a perilous mechanism.

We Were Here Too Torrent

It’s challenging to discuss the specific puzzles without divulging too much, but it’s safe to affirm that some hinge on your descriptive prowess, like informing your partner about the specific weapon and shield they need to procure. It may sound uncomplicated, but it becomes intricate, especially when the items deliberately resemble each other. “It’s a tall, sturdy sword with a triangular tip and knobby protrusions at the base… yeah, it kind of resembles it’s been bitten… perhaps the hilt is crafted from wood?” You might believe you’re articulating details accurately, while your partner is frantically searching, trying to decipher your descriptions. It turns out I’m not adept at delineating medieval weaponry.

We Were Here Too Torrent

There is an indisputable sense of gratification in collaborating with someone to surmount challenges—the moment when everything clicks is superb, and you genuinely partake in the contentment. Nevertheless, I was left with the impression that this escapade from the fortress could have been better fortified. We Were Here Too Torrent is constructed upon an outstanding multiplayer foundation, yet if you extract the cooperative element, it would be a notably diminished experience, accentuating the absence of narrative, erratic difficulty, and minimal playtime.

We Were Here Too Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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