Yes Your Grace Torrent

Yes Your Grace Torrent

Yes Your Grace Torrent is a strategy game developed by Brave At Night and published by No More Robots. Yes Your Grace is a decision-focused adventure game that places you in the role of a monarch determining the destiny of his subjects. The entire experience is showcased with charming retro visuals, supported by Simlish-style speech and an excellent soundtrack. The writing is (typically) very well done as well. It’s regrettable, however, that the ambiance is occasionally disrupted by overt tutorials and clues from your counselor, and at one point, an uncomfortable allusion to Hypnospace Outlaw.

At the outset, it’s all quite simple. Amusing lords and unpleasant commoners alike in the throne chamber, I listen to their desires and requirements and decide whether I’m inclined to enhance their mundane lives. Naturally, I can’t agree with everyone. I only possess a restricted reserve of gold and the ominously generic, Soylent Green-sounding “Provisions.” As time progresses, I must bolster my army and cultivate alliances. That’s where things become more intriguing.

Yes Your Grace Torrent

It’s impractical to win over every lord and ruler. Their wishes and concerns clash, necessitating me to select whom to charm. To the game’s merit, I find myself caring enough about this realm to let my principles steer me. When one lord pledges support if I allow him to peddle the harmful substance ‘Dust,’ and another promises aid if I strive to eradicate it, I don’t hesitate to wage my personal War On Drugs—despite missing out on all that valuable gold.

But let’s backtrack a bit. I’m soon introduced to my spouse and my three lovely pixelated daughters, all of whom play a significant role in the narrative. The familial dynamic is robust and believable enough to ensure that, until the conclusion, I always find myself doing what I believe is right for each of them. Nevertheless, and without revealing too much, a pivotal decision regarding my daughters’ fate is predetermined for me. This turns out to be the most crucial choice in the game, dealing a substantial blow to the notion that my actions carry important repercussions in this realm.

Yes Your Grace Torrent

There are significant conflicts as well, for which you receive ample notification. While you issue commands and make choices during skirmishes, your impact in the battle is minimal, and your performance is essentially determined before the decisive day. This, for me, is the most captivating aspect of the game. In the initial skirmish, I narrowly survived with just two soldiers left, partly because, in the weeks of preparation, I allocated resources more toward caring for my subjects than to elements to aid me in defeating the adversary. Prominent characters are in jeopardy during conflicts, intensifying my investment in the outcome.

Yes Your Grace Torrent

The plot twists are a peculiar blend of ‘saw it coming a mile away’ and ‘say what?’. It’s the subtle nuances that captivate me more than the major narrative peaks, though. Opting to incarcerate rather than execute one foe paid off in a way I could never have anticipated much later. Speaking of subtle nuances, the animation truly deserves special acknowledgment. The standout moment for me is the tenderness and warmth the game conveys when the monarch embraces his spouse or one of his daughters. Considering the character models have such low levels of detail, it’s remarkable.

Yes Your Grace Torrent System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 550
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 738 MB available space

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